Turning footsteps into energy: Interview with Cleantech CEO

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

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Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO of Pavegen, shares insight into life as an entrepreneur, fundamental principles behind the establishment of Pavegen and factors which have aided his success in the company. Pavegen is a technology company that generates energy from the collective energy of footsteps. He also recounts his experiences with the former prime minister of the United Kingdom. Laurence Kemball-Cook was able to discuss some essential factors that aids entrepreneurial success. These factors are discussed in subsequent paragraphs.

The marketing spirit. There are organizations whose aim is similar to Pavegen, such as Al Gore and Greta. However, Pavegen is different when compared to them based on its marketing technique. These organizations are focused on the negativity and sell themselves based on this. Services marketed to consumers with negative mantras do not encourage consumers to take such services. Apart from marketing, Pavegen involves individuals in the betterment of the environment, and people are generally partial towards something they have full involvement.

The fuel to create. According to Kemball-Cook, every entrepreneur has the desire to create, and he described this desire as "a burning engine." Therefore, success in entrepreneurship is dependent on discovering your potential, recognition of your skills and strengths will fuel you to influence your society. This would further improve your perseverance to succeed.

He went further by identifying that an entrepreneurial journey would contain hard days; this is defeated when you understand your self-worth and believe in whatever idea you plan to achieve. Entrepreneurs are similar to athletes because your success is determined by your ability to push beyond boundaries and limitations. Therefore, it is essential to train the body and mind; the ability to push your body beyond its capability portrays psychological strength.

Self-awareness. Every entrepreneur must be aware of his individuality and personality. You cannot adopt another person's cycle or system in establishing your business. In fact, if you decide to focus on your business at all times, without any free time to relax or connect with others outside work, you might overburden yourself and burnout of creative ideas

Therefore, you need to take breaks and experience life outside work with family and friends. Establish happy and thinking periods to assist in generating new ideas. It is important to discuss problems or difficulties. Entrepreneurs face different levels of problems; therefore, addressing these problems is primarily beneficial to your psychology.

The power of the tribe. You should have support and relationships as an entrepreneur, also support other entrepreneurs in your field. Established and strong relationships allow discussion of problems and challenges faced at work in a group or individually. There is usually no one to discuss these problems with if you have decided to destroy all ties because of a business. The relationships are your support system.

In conclusion, to become a successful entrepreneur, it is not enough to have the fuel or desire to create something that works differently, you should also desire to influence the lifestyle of people through such products. Do not stop pushing the boundaries of change every day!

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