Sports and Entrepreneurship with Jill Ellis

Jill Ellis, an English-American soccer coach who has coached the American women soccer team for about five years, where she ensured their success and growth. Jill Ellis has a plethora of awards and achievements attached to her name. She brings us a new perspective as it concerns entrepreneurship.

Motivation is essential in every entrepreneur's journey, and each individual has a unique motivating set that works for them individually and especially for them. Therefore, you must identify the significant areas and factors of motivation. For Ellis, her need to find the solution to a problem and improve a situation would ensure that you do not settle at you have achieved your goals. She admits that she has had her best entrepreneurial lessons in cases she was faced with a huge problem to solve. Therefore, your solutions might be found in problem-solving. At times, it is in your toughest losses that you find the best lessons.

You can only make decisions that determine the success of your business. For every career that you are interested in, you must identify your wins and losses for a particular field. Entrepreneurship was likened to her career as a coach ad she explained how she would never coach a game if she were revealed to what would be the final results of the game before the game itself is played. This is also the case of entrepreneurship; it is essential that every entrepreneur is self-aware; therefore, you may not want to go through the process that should normally assist your growth and development and success. Thus, self-awareness in entrepreneurship requires you to stay focused and committed to the principles and ideas of your business irrespective of your circumstance.

Inspiration is highly important in every entrepreneurial journey, and inspiration does not always come to a single point, and it is also not restricted to a particular field. It is possible to draw inspiration from people that have no concern with your specific area of focus. However, this does not mean that you ignore the potential lessons of growth and success that they may be willing to share. Take, for instance, you are an entrepreneur in textiles, but you are allowed the opportunity to exchange ideas with someone in telecommunications; allow it because you need the ideas these people are willing to share. Do not restrict yourself to a particular group of mentors. Identify the passion of others and their willingness to take risks and let it guide and inspire your process.

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