Sarah Mac, the mindset coach, on finding your passion!

An individual who has traveled around the world, living the life of a digital nomad for many years, engages in a discussion about fulfilling purpose and living the full as an entrepreneur. Sarah Mac is a writer, entrepreneur, mindset coach, the founder of Juicy Copy, a copywriting company, and founder of Mindset for Creatives. She is originally from the United Kingdom, although she currently lives in New York City where she assists ambitious and creative entrepreneurs to transition to their field of passion, earn money as well as positively influence the world around them.

Self-awareness can be a problematic state of mind to connect to, especially if you have not been in tune with yourself for so long. However, Sarah explains the role of passion in ensuring the existence of self-awareness. She was able to convince herself that whatever she dedicated her time and interest to was sure to make her better, and this conviction serves as a kind of kick-start to self-awareness and success. Ensure you are available to new solutions and allow curiosity.

Also, as a creative and an entrepreneur, you may face some roadblocks in your journey to success, barriers, such as chronic fatigue. The fact that some people do not recover from this does not rule it generally impossible, for Mac, she had to change into the problem-solving mode that required she carry out a lot of research and learning about health and wellness. Therefore, if you are able to pay attention to learn from anything that might serve as some barrier to your success, you would certainly be able to grow beyond it.

Beyond the existence of a stable and entrepreneurial mindset, there is one other factor that determines the result and growth of your entire entrepreneurial journey and self. You must be willing to take action because it was one thing to have the necessary knowledge and understanding, and it is an entirely different thing to be ready to implement the knowledge acquired. This does not imply that you rush the process, it merely means that you ensure that you do not remain static through the years even if it minimal growth per day. It is beneficial as long as you are taking the necessary steps and actions towards manifesting the mindset you have of yourself and your business.

Also, it essential that you give yourself time for introspection. Time to meditate, listen to your subconscious, and allow whatever you believe is coming after you to catch up so that you can provide the most suitable solution. Therefore, do not force situations and events to happen, especially when it seems they should not be happening at that moment because you may realize you were not duly equipped. Therefore, meditate and listen for insights to connect to your intuition.

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