Responsibility as the key to Entrepreneurial Service

I would describe this particular individual as an ambassador for peace. She is a business and peacebuilder and also the co-founder of the Zovighian partnership, which is a portfolio for social impact and initiatives. This is Lynn Zovighian; she is interested in empowerment opportunities to serve the society and community, in general. Apart from these things, Lynn is a speaker and writer who has a column dedicated to growth and change.

Lynn begins by reflecting on the understanding of self-importance. The "me" factor must be understood as it relates to you before business building. Therefore, reflect on the elements and issues identifiable about yourself and implement your conclusions into building your business. This is essential because you have to be at your ultimate potential to serve your consumers, workers, and production team adequately. The mindset is highly crucial, but having a productive mindset requires that you invest in yourself.

The sense of responsibility and service are huge drivers towards successful entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial journey cannot be generalized because different people have specific ideas. However, the principles applicable to this journey can be generalized. Therefore, she moves further to share the principles that assist her in fulfilling her intention to live out her entrepreneurial journey. The terms responsibility and service are firmly connected, in terms of you being responsible for your wellness and growth. Lynn claims to have understood at some point through her journey that if she can take responsibility for herself, then she can be of enormous service to society. She best described it as a realization that if you want to be an oxygen tank, then it is required of you, first of all, to understand how to preserve oxygen. Therefore, service requires responsibility and capability. Lynn, if allowed to change one thing as the world exists right now, would choose to improve the situation of peace, which exists in the middle east. She describes peace as a " dreamy non-existent eutopic theoretical magical concept." therefore, she believes that peace exists in different forms and can be executed by anybody who allows themselves to be an enabler and believer of peace.

Be open to being positively surprised. As entrepreneurs, we are usually in constant thirst and search for inspiration when the only thing required is openness. Apart from this, openness not only relates to things, but it also refers to exhibiting trust in the abilities of those around you. It requires appreciation and trust and looking at things beyond what people would ordinarily identify. Accept positive surprises.

Conclusively, entrepreneurship is beyond owning a business. It exists further in your appreciation of self-worth, the existence of a sense of responsibility, and the understanding of investment in oneself in ensuring that your service is competent to its maximum capacity. Therefore, in putting yourself first to invest in yourself to provide trustworthy service does not interpret selfishness. It merely means you have placed your service to others before your desires.

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