Race Car drivers and Entrepreneurs with Luigi Lenguito

Luigi Lenguito is an entrepreneur, investor, and founder. He has over two decades of working experience with Dell technologies under his belt. During this time, he was able to launch multiple award-winning products and also assisted in driving key mergers and acquisitions, which led to a multi-billion exit for Dell in 2016. Luigi Lenguito is a sort of inspiration, mentor to many entrepreneurs, specifically in France and all over the world. Before his entrepreneurial journey, he was involved in Formula car racing. However, at this point, he brings us some of his opinions and revelations as it concerns the entrepreneurial mindset.

Luigi begins by referring to the common notion of "nobody is born an entrepreneur." According to him, some entrepreneurial qualities are transferred at birth that makes every entrepreneur. However, the bulk of the qualities contained in an entrepreneur is nurtured or groomed.

Every entrepreneur is expected to have the quality of stamina because nobody would outrightly come to you and confront you about a particular idea, especially when no one believes in the said idea. Therefore, the work is in you to research and develop your idea for a startup, and you would lead tons of stamina to survive such a situation.

It is also essential that every entrepreneur has a level of pragmatism present in him. A pragmatic attitude would enable you to understand the importance of accepting contributions from others. In as much as you are the sole owner of a particular business, you might be unable to think up all the ideas that would allow substantial growth. You need to be pragmatic enough to accept the contributions that would lead to the success of your business.

Closely related to the quality of pragmatism is the need to allow others to air their opinions. Do not underestimate your employees. You must understand you may not always be the smartest person in every room even though you might have unique and exciting ideas, allow others to contribute, and make adjustments to them. Be self-aware and know your limits while relating to others.

As a racer, you are demanded to put in a lot of work in preparing for your race. Most times, the entire result of the race depends on the plans you had set in place before the competition even started. This is also an essential demand as it concerns entrepreneurship, create strategies for each step of your entrepreneurial journey and be devoted to teamwork as it is in a race, the driver of the race car is not enough to win the race. Be a supporter of partnership and cooperation.

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