Life lessons from a cutting-edge brand strategist and "edutainer"

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A branding strategist and an international keynote speaker, Natalia Wiechowski, sheds light on how self-awareness has helped her personally, as an entrepreneur. She also talks about her evolution in her career and some steps she took in discovering herself.

Originality is essential; be yourself. At the age of 29, Natalia thought she was living the dream life, but deep down, she knew she wasn't true to herself. She was bothered about what people thought of her and not what she thought of herself. The desire to please people gets you nowhere. Unconsciously, you’ll start living your life following their validation. At this point, she became more sarcastic. Smiling became a chore, and true happiness was nowhere in sight. After a couple of visits to the hospital, she decided to work on herself, and this led to the next step- separate yourself.

The act of separation; you might need to separate yourself: this is the next step in discovering oneself. Natalia locked herself away for nine months to do some “soul searching.” She also cut down on a large percentage of her friends. Sometimes you need to cut down on your friends to organize your thoughts better. Not everyone is going in the same direction as you. Reading books also helped her a great deal. Within nine months, Natalia was able to soul search, meditate and read a lot of books, and this enabled her to identify the things she had always wanted to achieve.

Finding your superpower. Natalia first discovered her superpower through a book she read on edutainment. This is a mix of education and entertainment. Edutainment focuses on how to educate people by combining real-life experiences, storytelling, and humor. This method makes learning more fun, and it is a much better way to get across to people than carrying a 300-page book and reading it to your audience until you bore them to death. When she realized that this is what a large number of our societies lack, she decided to go for it. This would probably not have been possible if she hadn't separated herself.

The abundance mindset is the right mindset. It is vital to have an abundance mindset: According to Natalia, your mindset is strongly connected to your reality and belief system. If you lack an abundance mindset, you subconsciously sabotage yourself and your business as an entrepreneur. The absence of an abundance mindset causes you to have numerous setbacks.

Meditation and self-awareness. These qualities are very important to become a successful entrepreneur. A lot of people focus so much on their past, their setbacks, which draws them back. So, as an entrepreneur, you need not take yourself too seriously to succeed in business. A suitable meditation process would assist your thinking process. Meditation assists in clearing the mind and also helps you to feel positive, not only to think that way.

Find your niche; it is important to identify an area of specialization. Everybody has a niche. Everyone has a place that is made specifically for them. So, the foundation of your business must be something of genuine interest. There is enough space and market for everybody, therefore, find your unique environment and make it your own.

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