Lars describes how to "Get Shit Done" and find the balance with empathy

In another exciting discussion, Lars Buch, partner at Rainmaking, that provides us with some necessities as it relates to an entrepreneurial mindset. Lars Buch is an entrepreneur who gained his most substantive experience with Nokia, a telecommunication and information company. Lars Buch worked with Nokia for eleven years, where he held eleven different positions under twelve different bosses over the years. This gave him the foundation and opportunity to grow, as well as to develop himself.

One of the most prominent attributes of Lars Buch is his ability to "get shit done" by also utilizing his empathy skill set. These are contributing factors to his success as it is essential for every entrepreneur to be able to exhibit empathy in dealing with the consumers and employees. Although this is important, it does not interpret that you to develop emotional connections and attachments, you should be able to draw a barrier between empathy and maximum involvement in dealings with others. According to Lars Buch, this was one of the factors that led to his success as an employee for Nokia when the company was in a sensitive state. Therefore, sensitivity is a huge factor in entrepreneurship.

The presence of risk-taking and opportunism are also contributors to entrepreneurial success. In discussing the role of entrepreneurship in his formation as opposed if he had remained in a corporate company, Lars Buch stated that he had always had the qualities of risk-taking and opportunism, even when he belonged to the corporate sector. Therefore, these qualities have ensured that he has not made losses in specific projects which he would have rather rejected because of hardship due to these qualities possessed.

The skills gained on the entrepreneurial journey are not restricted to guiding your entrepreneur decisions alone, and the lessons learned outside entrepreneurship can be inputted. He discussed his position of parenting and how his entrepreneurship decisions have affected it. As an entrepreneur, the situations and circumstances you have gone through births the desire to raise children better than yourself in terms of risk-taking, to give them an edge over most of their peers.

For Lars Buch, one particular skill that every successful entrepreneur must possess the ability to survive hardship. Most entrepreneurial journeys, if not all, present a certain level of hardship for each individual. Therefore, it is the ability and choice to persevere despite these obstacles and challenges that differentiates a successful and extra-ordinary entrepreneur from an ordinary one. Therefore, perseverance is highly important.

However, as much as everyone seeks the benefits and returns from every entrepreneur's journey, it is not only about the endpoint, but you should ensure that you enjoy and benefit from each procedure every step of the way.

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