How does ego show up in your life? An honest conversation with Kyle Zamcheck

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I recently had the honor to sit with Kyle Zamcheck, an expert in communication transformation, consultant, speaker, trainer, and coach. Her perspective of entrepreneurship is distinctively interesting as she is on a mission to prompt emotional health through listening. Kyle is currently the founder of Listenly— a digital platform to promote mental clarity through listening sessions. However, her task was not to listen in this situation; she was able to provide some tips for entrepreneurial living and success.

Curiosity is an inherent attribute of every individual. However, it seems to be more present in more individuals than others. For entrepreneurs, they have a considerable dose of the curiosity factor. An entrepreneur births ideas for any business of their choosing based on their curiosity, and it comes with interest in a variety of subject matter. Therefore, how do you decide what aspect of business to venture? Passion. Unlike curiosity, it is highly unlikely that you would be passionate about so many things. You are allowed to be curious about various things but do not base the foundation of your business on curiosity because passion runs deep, and it would leave you curious concerning every phase of your business. Curiosity births ideas, but passion sustains it.

The intention to fulfill goals for your company is an essential determinant of success. As entrepreneurs, we are often our own boss and therefore find ourselves in a position of dictatorship as it concerns the business. However, it is vital to have the right intention to show up for the progress of the business.

The concept of self-awareness keeps coming up in every entrepreneurial journey because it is a subject matter of success. Self-awareness is a defining factor for success. Self-awareness for Kyle is the difference between letting your ego affect the company and ruthlessly showing up to represent the actual image of the business, not something you desire, which does not exist at that moment. It was described as being ruthlessly rooted in reality, and self-awareness allows you room for growth, especially in your business environment. Self-awareness requires the readiness to accept criticism, although the feedback might not concern you, you have indirectly learned something about the person who gave it. Self-awareness is best displayed in your level of willingness to find solutions for both business and interpersonal challenges. Therefore, the ability to cut back on your ego to promote self-awareness is one of the factors that sustain entrepreneurship.

However, the decision to eliminate or cut down the size of your ego is predominantly dependent on the level of growth you desire. For instance, if you want to grow to your fullest potential and attain the highest level of growth, your business is capable of, then you must eliminate your ego. But if you desire to grow slowly and you are contented with the pace or current level of your company, there is no need to concern yourself with this. This is an individual choice that can not be forced on anyone as it requires a lot of effort and concentration; therefore, you must be genuinely interested.

Eliminating and cutting down on your ego takes confidence. In your journey to do this, you must be surrounded by people that you respect and understand. Isolation is not a choice for someone that hopes to achieve this. It would be best if you are around people you can talk to and receive genuine answers, solutions, and criticisms. This does not necessarily have to be done by a mentor because a mentor cares about the business majorly. However, a coach or friend will work effectively in this case— someone who is ready to show empathy and cares about you rather than the business.

***Kyle has a special Evolve offer just book a session on and use the code Welcome20 for a 20% discount on your first listening session

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