Finding the mindset shift for entrepreneurial diversity

Lu Li is a London based entrepreneur and author who has garnered experience working for McKinsey & Procter and Gamble and also, the founder of Blooming Founders, which is a company based on assisting the growth and success of female and diverse entrepreneurs by assisting start-up businesses and companies.

Hold your ground. Entrepreneurship is not a simple walk in the park in your journey to success. Each individual might face a number or series of challenges, and Lu Li was not a stranger to this in the starting years of her entrepreneurial journey. She narrates her early situation where people identified her business as a charity. Still, she was able to make a change to the reality of her through her ability to hold her ground and demand payment for the services she rendered. Lu Li was able to allow her audience to understand the fact that she was focused on helping women and not seeing this as a charity case.

Entrepreneurship is a result of some of the traits acquired through the years. Therefore, be mindful and observant of your behavioral traits. The role of every family in each individual's entrepreneurial success cannot be down-played. Lu Li explains how her socialization and nurturing by Chinese parents have been huge contributors to her decision to become an entrepreneur. Growing up with Chinese parents meant that she was not necessarily entitled to pocket money, which drove her to begin a "venture" on eBay, where she sold some of her belongings. Although at that time, she felt like she was only making money to satisfy her needs and wants, she was unaware of the entrepreneurial seed that her venture had planted in her.

Your intention of starting your business holds the front seat in determining its success. Therefore, if you can identify your primary purpose and reason for starting a business, then it serves as a driver and a type of nudge towards the goals you plan to achieve with your specific business plan, innovation, or company.

Be a risk-taker, and get out of your comfort zone to push towards that success if you already think of yourself as an entrepreneur. It is required you open yourself to take more risks and avoid repeating the same ideas because you cannot expect better or new results if you keep taking the same procedures. Entrepreneurship is about innovation.

Lu Li, with her company, seeks to bring to the understanding of women that entrepreneurship is not some profession restricted to the male in society. In Blooming founders, through the assistance rendered in the form of consultation, the number and success of women in entrepreneurship will be doubled.

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