Finding her voice in a male -dominated industry - Shayna Brown

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If you have followed closely, you would realize that I have selected people from different fields of entrepreneurship. These people have given different opinions, and you may have understood at this point that entrepreneurship does not have to follow a particular trend or is limited to a specific sector.

Today, I am here with insight from Shay Brown, an entrepreneurial field people hardly consider, but she has found success and growth in this field. Shay Brow is a recognized and highly sought after audio-recording ninja who has accumulated experience through the years in audio, tv, film, music, audio editing, and ADR- Additional/Automated Dialogue Replacement. She has worked with various actors, such as Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey. She has also been on the production team for various shows, such as The Walking Dead. Her most recent project, yet to be launched is called, "The Struggle Club" with a podcast called "Struggle Bus." Shay describes this as her passion project and hopes to discuss further on vulnerability with entrepreneurs and highlight the various struggles entrepreneurs have contacted in their journey.

Be observant, not shy. Shay Brown is a sound engineer, a field that is highly populated with the male gender. Therefore, she faces a lot of doubt and disregard in the beginning when it concerned her job. This, coupled with the fact that Shay was homeschooled and had not experienced a large percentage of exposure, allowed her to shrink and shy away when she first started her job. Although an engineer must be quiet to ensure proper observation, it is an entirely different thing when you are shy. Timidity would prevent effectiveness in whatever field of expertise that you choose, and this may be considered a limiting factor.

“Freelancer to Entrepreneur” what has changed? Despite the condition that exists in Shay's field of expertise, she has not been limited and been able to ensure premium growth in her career. She has been able to move from being a freelancer to owning her own business (an entrepreneur), and apart from the financial growth that this change may begin, she has been able to achieve more.

Entrepreneurship facilitates boldness, and she compared this growth or change to moving from dating to marriage. It is a huge change that requires a lot of responsibility. Also, she presents that the idea of entrepreneurship naturally exists with a feeling of vulnerability and unease, especially when you are unable to decide or admit if you have made the right decision for your career or if there is a market that indeed requires your services.

Furthermore, on the fact that Shay is an expert in a field usually flooded by men. She moves on to discuss the issues felt as to how men refuse to relate to her and would instead associate with other males when it comes to technical discussions, something she realized well into her career. She has devoted some time to helping younger women identify their potential and to remain brave and strong in these situations.

Relationships are empowering. Relationships with family and friends are important. It would be best if you were around people with great energy, confidence, and enthusiasm who are most importantly, ready to encourage you.

Entrepreneurship also requires a certain level of creativity. Your entrepreneurial idea is identified based on your creativity. “Love, deficits, intentions, accolades, failure are what channels your creativity… opening up to the world and to what is in you.”

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