Entrepreneurship in a generational business

Entrepreneurship is not restricted within the confinement of the western countries. Various other parts of the world have also made their mark and displayed an interest in this sector. Gaurav Dhar is a UAE-Indian advocate, born and raised in Dubai. He owns multiple restaurants and has invested and advised many startup companies and budding entrepreneurs. He is a global financial technology influencer and also CEO of Marshal, the middle east leading technology of payment. Gaurav's life can be held to be an example of the result complete focus and dedication to the objectives of entrepreneurship would provide.

The discussion begins by identifying that failure can be easily experienced by many entrepreneurs due to various reasons. However, this should not be viewed as a detriment to an entrepreneur's journey as many societies see it. For instance, formerly in Dubai, there was no possible chance for failure. Failure was not an option for every entrepreneur. However, the community of Dubai has grown to understand that failure holds a unique seat in the attainment of success for every entrepreneur. Success is attached with a repeat failure and not to a safety net; thereby, every entrepreneur must be willing to take risks.

Every entrepreneur must be able to exhibit a certain level of the relentless ability and mindset that exists in him. According to Gaurav, these people are willing to accept to receive negative answers as long as you can provide substantial reasons and constructive criticisms which will aid their growth.

Entrepreneurs are usually relentless to learn. An entrepreneur's survival is based on his ability to take risks without fear. Entrepreneurship requires that you dedicate more than that which you know you have, you render beyond your common understanding of self to reach the extremes of entrepreneurship.

Understand your relevance to your business and be true to yourself. As an entrepreneur who seeks success in whatever field, it is required of you to search and consume as much information about your sector of expertise as you can find. Many entrepreneurs often disregard their roles in their business. You must identify and understand your skillset and your capabilities. For instance, you could be the founder of a company, but this does not necessarily guarantee the Chief Executive Officer position if you do not have the necessary skills. Therefore, you must remain sincere to yourself to assist the growth of your business.

Gaurav, whose entrepreneurial position has been passed around through generation, explains how he has been able to beat the normal expectations of his generation. The idea is that the first generation builds businesses, the second will grow it further, and the third allows the entire thing to collapse. Although he was a second-generation entrepreneur, he was able to attain the normal through patience to understand and grow the business before full involvement. Consequently, you should exercise patience and dedication to understand how to run a business to ensure progressive growth.

It is vital that every individual who seeks success or the attainment of some set goals adopts the idea of change and understand that different local cultures have different adaptability for change. Therefore, learn to change, to give change a chance, and to adopt change.

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