Entrepreneurial Values from a Dragon's Den Investor - Piers Linney

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Piers Linney is a businessman and investor with a professional background in business and law. Although he was in the practice of law at the beginning of his career, he realized that his genuine desire was business and soon found himself in that field. He informs us about the entrepreneurial mindset and values based on his past experiences and roles that have determined his entrepreneurial success.

The attitude of an entrepreneur, that is, his mindset is a huge determinant of success. It would be best if you are equipped with the essential knowledge that concerns each of your dealings. In as much as an entrepreneur is expected to take risks through investments and other options, you must be prepared for the possible effects and results of whatever decision made. Therefore, to maximize your chance of success in every endeavor, you must be willing to take a risk.

Also, the mindset held by an individual has a significant effect on the entrepreneur. For Piers, he described his mindset as his ability "to stay true to himself."

Running a successful business requires good interpersonal relationships with the employees; you should be able to contribute to their individual lives through your relations in a way that would assist your business. Your relationship with employees determines your business growth, and it affects the level of response gotten from the consumers. You must be authentic and confident in your dealings because customers and employees can quickly point out the absence of this in recent times.

Piers moves further to explain that the entrepreneur's journey is not all fun and enjoyment as people may portray. Yes, you might be able to afford the things you need at whatever given period. Also, you might be in your desired economic or financial position. However, this does not certainly mean that you will not go through other issues, for example, in the situation where the company has gone through some loss, and the thought of payment of salary becomes a problem. This does not imply that entrepreneurship is a detrimental idea. In fact, Piers agreed that this should be a skill every individual should have in their arsenal. Therefore, the entrepreneurial ability is not one anyone is born with; it is a skill that can be learned and should be learned by everyone.

You seek feedback from those who know and understand you. Dwelling among people that understand your intention is also an essential factor. It would help if you upheld relationships to have discussions with your family and friends to gain perspective from other people who understand you and see the goal you have for a particular project. Dig deeper from anywhere and anyone possible.

On the subject self-aware, he agrees that it is highly essential in every entrepreneur's life because the media and its content tend to make you more significant than your reality. Only self-awareness would keep you rooted to the extent of growth. According to Piers, many of the content provided for entrepreneurs are more motivational than realistic and sensible. Entrepreneurs should be empowered by pragmatic content.

***Check out Pier's startup courses at startup.pierslinney.com and use the code EVOLVE10 for a 10% discount on the entire course.

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