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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I had the opportunity to talk with one of the many wonders of the world. Stuart Kime is a brilliant individual, a serial entrepreneur, self-taught hacker at the age of twenty, and at thirty-five, he had planned the creation of ten software. In 2012, he was named chief information officer of the year in Florida. Although he may be a retired man these days, this has not affected his title as an entrepreneur. His most recent project is HOP- Helping Other People; this project has the primary goal of connecting real people based on their residence and other similarities, thereby, giving them a unique platform to identify and grow as a community.

Stuart Kime provides his personal opinion and views as it concerns the topic of the entrepreneurial mindset and how the "right mindset" may be viewed as a significant determinant for many entrepreneurs. More than anything, it is the right mindset that gets you to the finish line, that assists you in gaining whatever asset you desire from whatever business venture. The mission and mindset are two corresponding factors that determine the success of the business. Although your employees and consumers tend to change, one factor in every business that remains solid is the mindset and mission of the business. Therefore, you must have a passion project. Love the idea of your business and the solution it seeks to provide to the world.

Curiosity births, endurance, and resilience. He went further to discuss the role of curiosity in every business. Apart from it being a factor in determining an aspect of the business to venture, it would also assist your bravery and allows you to participate in events and situations you usually would not show interest. When the curiosity factor is present, it will enable you to endure whatever situation until you reach your perceived goal.

The best way to charge creativity as an entrepreneur is to identify the things you would like to provide solutions; identify something you do not like about the world. Therefore, whatever you do not like in the world offers an opportunity to create. You have to seek to create the change you would like to see in the world.

On the topic of creativity, Stuart Kime moves further by explaining the need to create a situation or stage of nothingness. In the time that a lot of things are available to eliminate boredom, this may prove somewhat tricky, but it vital that you purposefully place yourself in a position of boredom, nothingness, to connect with your creative side. To allow creativity, you must provide time for it before creative ideas begin to flow. He was able to recommend some books that possibly projects to aid creativity, such as Range by David Epstein.

Also, you must understand that this entire entrepreneur journey is going to be run by you. You are your motivation; therefore, do not seek validation or motivation from anyone other than yourself. Thus, with this mindset that allows you to provide solution assists you in developing some essential soft skills which are essential for every entrepreneur.

Therefore, entrepreneurial success is determined by your communication and openness to change.

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