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Being an entrepreneur is exciting, ambitious, and also incredibly difficult.  So often your friends and family see you as this nomad who travels, works sporadically and comes up with these crazy ideas.  But the simple fact is founding and launching a company takes grit, patience, heart and a lot of sweat!  And on top of that, this culture of others screaming about their great achievements and how they "made it" makes the job even harder.  Serial entrepreneurs and investors offer great advice and help. This is so important and needed but also incredibly difficult to navigate through what is authentic, helpful and right for the individual. I have worked with hundreds of startups in the past 10 years and a common theme I see is entrepreneurs trying to hold it all together and stay positive, but literally dying inside.  They keep hoping to meet that magical leprechaun investor or the perfect mentor to help them achieve their version of success.  What I believe is missing in our crazy beautiful world of entrepreneurs is self-awareness, emotional intelligence, intention and a grasp of the truth behind the entrepreneur mindset. Entrepreneurs have no need for more tricks, tips, strategies or formulas. What we need is to evolve and grasp onto a new set of mental tools to take founders and entrepreneurs to a new level of intention for prosperity.  Success in finding time for their families.  Growth by taking the much needed time for self. Achievement by finding meaningfulness in their relationships both personal and business. Then and only then can there be a holistic success.  Join me on this epic ride as we explore the journey of some amazing people and how they have found the anchors to hold fast through adversity. Through these electrifying stories, I hope you will be as inspired as I have been as you listen to Evolve: The Entrepreneur Mindset 

                                                                           - Todd




Executive Producer & Host